The “I AM” Meditation.

I am is the name of God, it is also my own divine name. I am (our little ego self) that I AM (our divine togetherness with our higher self). I AM is the ultimate statement of self-sufficiency, self-existence, and immediate presence. I am that (to communicate). Moses mentioned it in Exodus and said that I am that I am. My god, my own self. Consciousness. The divine spark. The super conscious. I gathered the sentiment shared by many spiritual leaders for your benefit below.

Swami Satchidananda:

Swami Satchidananda gives a talk in San Francisco in the mid-1970s in which he talks about all the challenges to realizing the inner “I Am.” He explains how to liberate oneself from all the misidentification that bind through various spiritual practices. 

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

Dr. Wayne Dyer:

Deepak Chopra:

A hum is the same pattern in breathing as I Am.

Dr. Wilhite:



It’s a powerful way to reconnect with our real center and thereby experience true joy and peace in life. Born out of Amma’s deep resolve for our spiritual enhancement, this technique, when practiced with dedication, is designed to bring integration into our lives – an integration of body, mind, intellect and heart.

G.I. Gurdjieff:

Life is Real Only Then, When ‘I Am’

Ramana Maharshi:

I recently came upon a new podcast entitled ‘Tell Them, I Am’ Podcast which Explores Lives Of Muslims Through Small Defining Moments. The stories are universal; the voices are all Muslim. I love this concept my Misha Euceph and you can listen to her intro on NPR here:

and find her podcast here:

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May this be in the service of awakening.

With love and light.