With over 60,000 entries each year, Göteborgsvarvet is billed as ‘the largest half marathon in the world’. The race runs throughout the streets of Gothenburg in Sweden, and this year is set to take place on May 18, 2024. With its close proximity to the UK, Göteborgsvarvet offers an escape into Gothenburg and run tourism in the heart of Sweden, where historical landmarks combine with crowd support from an estimated 200,000 spectators.

Alongside the route, 50+ music stations entertain runners and crowds with an array of course installations that aim to create an unforgettable race experience.

1. New York City Marathon

Number of Runners: 50,000+

This marathon event is often referred as the largest moving block party of the world. This race has been around for almost five decades. Be it the USA or on the global scale, this running event is considered to be the largest one. Runners will have to run the 26.2 miles through the five major boroughs of the city, which has become one of the bucket list items for many runners all throughout the world that made it one of the top running events runners are looking forward to. The race is also made extra special by its exclusive process for entry.

Website: New York City Marathon

2. Chicago Marathon

Number of Runners: 40,000+

Chicago Marathon is another one of the bucket list races for many runners. A lot of runners from more than a hundred countries have participated in this event. Each year, millions of spectators come and watch the race unfold in Chicago, Illinois. They love to cheer the runners on the entire course. It has four world records courtesy of its fast and flat course. It also has countless PRs and national records.

It is one of the six World Marathon Majors and an IAAF Gold Label race. The annual race had started 4 decades ago.  It grew its popularity through their fast and flat course. It is an appealing course for those runners who are pursuing great personal records for their career. Their world record performances also contributed a lot to it.

Website: Chicago Marathon

3. Paris Marathon

Number of Runners: 38,000+

One of the most awaited running events in Paris is the Paris Marathon or the Papris International Marathon. This annual marathon makes the city more crowded than ever.  As runners run, they are not just enjoying doing something that they love but they also get a great view of the city’s magnificence along with the infamous sights the French capital has.

The marathon starts at Champs-Elysees and heads towards Place de la Concorde. From there, it will continue through the city and will finish at the Foche Avenue. It’s considered as one of the most popular long-distance running events in Europe along with London Marathon and Berlin Marathon.

Website: Paris Marathon

4. London Marathon

Number of Runners: 35,000+

This marathon belongs in the major running events in the world. It is a part of the World Marathon Majors and takes place in London, United Kingdom. The first running event for this marathon happened in 1981. Since then, it has become an annual spring marathon event. Thousands of people from all over the world join this long-distance run for whatever reason.

Virgin Money is now sponsoring the running event since 2010. This is the reason why the event is more popularly known as the Virgin Money London Marathon these days.

Website: London Marathon

5. Tokyo Marathon

Number of Runners: 35,000+

This marathon event is the largest in Japan and belongs in the six World Marathon Majors. It is also an IAAF Gold Label marathon. It also belongs in the list of the marathons that are most in demand not just in their country but also throughout the world. Each year, they have thousands of participants more. They also give awards to 35,000 runners each year.  The very first Tokyo Marathon took place in February 2007, which has become a representative selection race for the World Championship in Athletics in 2007 that happened in Osaka, Japan.

Website: Tokyo Marathon

The Bolder Boulder has 35,007 participants.