A One-Day Brand Clarity & Strategy Session is an expert-guided workshop that walks the company’s founders through a proven step-by-step process to better define the business strategy (problem/solution), customer pain points, core differentiators (why someone will choose you over the competition), and articulate new clear messaging, strategies and tactics to woo new customers, create game-changing customer and employee experiences, and grow the business.

Do you know the difference between a brand strategy and an advertising campaign? Do you know how to implement strategies that position your brand? This one day workshop will help you create new clear messaging, strategies and tactics that gain new customers.


The result of the session is a short, usable, Brand Clarity & Strategy Summary PowerPoint Deck that becomes a working roadmap to help guide the company’s most important brand (and strategy) decisions moving forward.

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    Offsite locations are best.

    09:00    Introductions and Key Objectives Discussion

    09:30    Brand Strategy Presentation and Overview

    12:00    Break for Lunch

    12:45    Prepare for Workshop

    1:00     Begin Brand Strategy Workshop

    3:00   Brand Strategy Summary Overview and Final Discussion

    Brand Summary Document is completed within two weeks for executive review. We will iterate with you to fine-tune, then will present via video call to your executive group and/or the whole company.

    Start developing a roadmap for your brand.