As the use of mushrooms in both diet and psychedelics trend towards popular culture with mainstream authors diving into the once perceived darker realms of psychedelic and plant based therapy, I wanted to think more about how mushrooms mirror that of our human brain, both visually and functionally. There are studies where fungi in a maze end up taking the shortest, most efficient route to the food source and that is even how some subway routes are designed in Japan. We share the same pathogens: inhales oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide. I am sharing this and will continue to look for similarities and findings between these two organisms because I think that it is a very fascinating thing to think about.

While outer appearances obviously differ, animals and fungi share more than half their DNA. Mushrooms, like us, inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Emily Luce, Q Magazine
The Human Brain
The Mushroom

Its network-like design mirrors that of dark matter, neural connections in the brain, and even the human-created Internet.

Emily Luce, Q Magazine

Joseph Campbell says that there is an interconnected oneness in all beings. Cellular intelligence is found in both the brain and in mushrooms and certain types of non-psychedelic mushrooms are booming in the health and wellness world as a way to increase our own brain function.

The Stoned Ape Theory

I am far from being a biologist but I believe in the once radical theory of Terrance Mckenna’s Stoned Aped Theory of evolution and that we were once creatures who roamed the earth with little consciousness, as single celled organisms and eventually primates. The theory states that as we dragged our knuckles on the ground we eventually found mycelium, or mushrooms that would alter our mind-state to connect to a greater consciousness and to be able to think of things above and beyond hunting and fucking.

Mycelial Neural Networking

Are Mushrooms the BRAIN of the Earth? Neural networking?
  • They act like a single entity.
  • Mushrooms are possibly the oldest of earth’s inhabitants.
  • The largest organism on Earth is a mycelial mat in Eastern Oregon, (2300+ acres. One big mushroom!)

I think that the earth is essentially a brain and that we are all nodes of – both singular and universal consciousness – where we are learning, growing, and dying amidst and comprising of nature. The earth may be considered a conscious brain if you will, and mushrooms reconnect us to that thought!! Maybe when mushrooms are digested we experience what the mushroom experiences, become it…..a connection that reminds us that we are part of a giant brain and all is deeply connected. When we digest certain natural psychedelic plants they seem to communicate in different ways, but it would seem….definitely communicating, and have a message….. a medium in which so many of us feel drawn to experience, a way of re-connection to the plant kingdom….our kingdom….to the roots….to the source…..!!!

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Let’s find ways to connect with each other, to learn from each other, and to evolve and communicate in a way that is in harmony with nature.

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