Episode 10: A Humble Mind.

Hello, hello welcome back to episode 10 of Total Freedom. Where I will start off page 196 and read a couple of quotes for you and hopefully you will enjoy it. Hopefully it improves your day, your minute, or just right now. So, I will jump right in. I shall find out which means that finding out is never a process of accumulation not to accumulate you must die every day and then you will find because you are fundamentally deeply humble that this capacity to inquire comes of itself it is not a thing that you have acquired, humility cannot be practiced but because there is humility your mind has the capacity to inquire into envy and such a mind is no longer envious. The problem is not the world of newspapers ideas and politicians it is a world within yourself but you have to realize to feel the truth of this and not merely agree because the Gita or some bearded gentleman says it is so if you are aware of that inner world and are watching yourself without condemnation or justification from day-to-day from moment-to-moment then in that awareness you will find there’s a tremendous vitality the mind that is accumulating is frightened to die and such a mind can never discover what is truth but to a mind that is dying every minute to everything that it is experienced there comes an astonishing vitality because every moment is new and only then is the mind capable of discovery.