How Doctors Die

This short and inspirational insight from a doctor was something that I found to be helpful because it adds the valid context for justifying my stance that less medical care is often the best route forward. The world of advertising and media wants you to believe that the more you go to the doctor and the more prescriptions that you have the better off that you will be, and this in inherently a backwards incentive. Medications are apparently and casually advertised to us through the endless commercials through streaming platforms all for the means of incentives. Doctors and hospitals should be profiting more by keeping you out of the hospital and off of the meds, but this seems like a too far gone notion at this point.

How Doctors Die by Ken Murray helps support the fact that we all do die, and how we choose to live with peace and with pain alike are the most important perspectives we can maintain throughout life. How do we balance the aspects of beauty in life and death to help us feel more secured in making medical decisions? Decisions that tend to be charged with despair, loss, confusions, and pressure. Is there not a way where doctors can help navigate this challenging process with also being compassionate and non-bias?