2017 Year in Review

Also very noteworthy items that didn’t make the infographic are becoming a Godfather and deleting Facebook.

The ending date for the above metrics is December 26th.

Thanks to the data resources and software companies:

  1. Suunto
  2. Strava
  3. VeloViewer
  4. Relive
  5. Insight Timer
  6. Headspace
  7. Goodreads
  8. Way of Life

Icons provided by The Noun Project and the Creative Commons:

  1. Agave By Erick Miranda Vazquez
  2. Coconut By Royyan Wijaya, ID
  3. Teotiqucan icon by Denis Sazhin
  4. Mexico City, Jerusalem, By Befoolish
  5. Aspen Leaf By anbileru adaleru
  6. Bike by Karlina Bueno
  7. Mountains By Adrien Coquet

Influenced by The Feltron Report 

Velo Viewer Bike Infographic

Relive ‘Whale of a ride’

Relive ‘Shredspedition SF 2017’