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The DenimDock is a new product that revolutionizes how you will store your jeans by using the front button instead of having to fold, clip, or hang them from the belt loops. If you want the #1 jean storage solution than buy the DenimDock today!

The Plastic DenimDock is made up of strong and flexible PLA that is molded into the exact dimensions of the dock to work hard to hang any pair of jeans that you own. On the closet dowel, there is a slight rotation of the DenimDock when one pair is hanging from a side with the other side open, this is natural and doesn’t affect the look and function in order to easily hang your jeans.

This 3D printed plastic DenimDock works perfectly in any closet. Try the original DenimDock and you’ll never go back to folding your jeans again! Comes in black or please message me if you want a different color.

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Product Description

Spend Time Doing What You Love,

Not Folding Your Pants

I believe that hanging your jeans should be easy and that your room should be clean and so we carefully crafted a system that seems so simple you wonder why there hasn’t been a solution like the DenimDock before. It is a better solution because it saves time in comparison to hanging pants that you wear on a regular basis and does not put unneeded pressure on the loops of the pants, it does not leave wrinkles as with folding, it doesn’t require any clipping, and doesn’t require you to pull out the entire hanger to grab the jeans. See how the simplicity came about through design thinking in the land of Levi’s, San Francisco, California.

Designed to work with all jeans.

Buy this one of a kind product and let me know what you like, dislike, or would change about it to help in the development of what hopefully will be found in closets around the U.S.


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