Once upon a time there was a child born in a small rural town in Ohio with a respiratory problem so bad that his grandmother prayed that she would give up smoking if the powers that be let him live.

Everyday in this small rural town his father would dream of moving to Colorado to raise his family where there was clean air, pure water, and beautiful mountains. Where health was a way of life. One day when I was three my father made the move with my mother and brother and I. Because of that I have been blessed to be surrounded by the best of nature and hone in what it means to be a lifelong multi-sport athlete and someone who seeks out challenges to become stronger. 

My first real job was mowing lawns where I amassed a sizable neighborhood book of business. 

After nearly drowning to death after cliff diving into the ocean I found a new appreciation for life. It changed me and I had a hard time connecting with most people. I had a hard time giving a shit about most things to be honest. I found out more about what truly matters.

I have had countless jobs and at the end of the day I have been driven by a divine path to lead me to where I am today, and it is surely not a coincidence that you are here reading this. Because of these life experiences, my mission is to bring about new ways for as many people as possible to experience health, sovereignty and strength. 



Andy LeSavage