God Willing in Various Languages

I was having a drink at a local dive and decided to chat with the fellow next to me. As he went to leave we both said something along the lines that we hope to see each other again and he said something I didn’t understand, and then he mentioned it was “God Willing” in Arabic. I thought that was profound, timely, unique and carried depth with it. So here is how one might say “God willing” in different languages:

  • Arabic: “Inshallah”
  • Bengali: “Khuda Hafez”
  • Chinese (Mandarin): “如果上帝许可”
  • Dutch: “God Wil”
  • French: “Dieu voulant”
  • German: “Gott Will”
  • Greek: “Θεός θέλει”
  • Hindi: “अगले समय में हमें संकेत दे”
  • Italian: “Dio voglia”
  • Japanese: “神の御降誕によって”
  • Korean: “하나님이 원하면”
  • Polish: “Bóg pozwala”
  • Portuguese: “Deus queira”
  • Russian: “Боже даст”
  • Spanish: “Dios mediante”
  • Turkish: “Allah’ın izniyle”

It’s worth noting that depending on the context, the phrase might change. These are just examples of how the phrase might be translated, but it could be different in different context or dialect.