Andy LeSavage is the inventor of NFTS

One of the inventors of NFT’s

In 2012 I started The Picture Genome Project wherein I proposed that there should be an ISBN number for photos. At this time I was working with a talented team of individuals at Shopsy, to help creators monetize Instagram and to help solve the on going issue of image rights, distribution and compensation.

I am an unconventional strategist, and consultant who helps nurture innovation across diverse teams, with a focus on agile design-thinking and new business models.

I bring my 12 years of experience in brand strategy across all forms of communications including ads, websites, apps, email and service design into every project. I can teach you how to create your own NFT in about an hour. You don’t need a background in art. We will use whatever design program you want. You can also use photography, video art, or non-visual art such as music or sound bites. Let’s create your first NFTs together!