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I have a passion for creating things. Useful experiences, interactions and products that make life richer and fuller, hopefully making it easier to connect with friends, family and to do more of what I love. A self taught technologist and website developer. I like being as close to the original idea as possible. I learn from everyone and I find that learning from these people, both past and present – resonates with me the most:

Naval Ravikant. Klaus Obermeyer. George Boedecker. Yvon Chouinard. Joe Rogan. Jordan Peterson. Steve Blank. Seth Godin. Dave Hakkens. Michael Dearing. Derek Sivers. Robert Bly. Alan Watts. Jiddu Krishnamurti. Carl Gustav Jung. Marcus Aurelius. Joeseph Campbell.

My favorite books are:

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Connecting People and Products

I support entrepreneurs and work hard to facilitate new experiences that can help bring people together.



Easily hang your jeans to get them off the floor or chair in your bedroom. Click "More Details" to buy an exclusive first run prototype before it goes to market.

RealTalk (Now

A real-time video streaming application company. Working through the ups and downs of finding product market fit I helped create a new brand, positioning, and a roadmap towards growth as a consultant. It has since rebranded and is now:

Shop the Kings Instagram. Built this out to work on validating the concept of shopping from Instagram.


Expand your Consciousness. Come together to learn about the healing powers of certain geographic locations around the globe.


Developed the concept and prototype for the Tunnik "Strap Wrap" ski goggle straps. Failed Kickstarter - but it was a good exploration to make a lifestyle consumer product.


I created the worlds 1st fully integrated storage solution for apparel. A proprietary, 3D textile weaving process that is conducive in advancing anti-microbial, energy-healing, and seamless hanging properties. Connected Clothing. Available for licensing.


As the only marketing hire at SeeControl, an Internet of Things software platform I developed the new brand identity, positioning, messaging, content strategy, conferences, website and helped ramp up sales to $1 million. (Acquired by Autodesk on August 21, 2015)


Co-founded the first marketplace to shop from Instagram.

The Picture Genome Project

Innovating new solutions to track, analyze, monetize and democratize user-generated pictures.


The owner and operator of Sweet Jane LLC. came to us for a digital experience that would help extend the special feeling that one of their locally brewed coffee's always permeated.


Before Instagram closed it's API users could hashtag #sendit to see streaming pictures in the live feed!


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I hired Andy to build a new website for my cafe. Andy listened to what I wanted and worked tirelessly to make it happen. He spent countless hours on the phone with my Internet host company to integrate the website and went above and beyond my expectations. Andy also helped me build an online store and linked the store to the website perfectly. He was easy to work with and very responsive to my requests. I would hire him again.


A pro at listening to the customer needs and delivering what is promised. Without Andy aboard, we would not have achieved the level of success we are seeing today.



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