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Picture Commerce Platform // Amazon-Like Mobile Marketplace // Shopsy

Here is why a company like Amazon would want to buy the Shopsy platform that we have built.

They have a great web and mobile presence and yet they are having a large portion of their market share eaten up each day by SnapChat, Pinterest and Instagram.


  • Easily taggable user-generated photos from an existing API or native application.
  • Proven data CRM, conversion optimization, and multi-sided e-commerce marketplace.
  • Comes completely branded.


  • You get a plug and play mobile monetization platform.
  • Software that allows you to update your code base.
  • Easily create your own social commerce application.

The entire codebase, branding and intellectual property are available today for a limited time!

If you would like to make an offer for the price that you feel that it is worth to create your own mobile optimized Amazon e-commerce platform please do so by contacting Andy LeSavage here.



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