Home Gym Buildouts

Gym Buildout Consulting


I am pleased to be working with the team at EquippedFS/Fitness 805 to help build out home gyms and provide consulting solutions to companies to provide the complete fitness suite of products, trainers and installation know how.

If you want to build out your home gym, then now is the perfect time! It takes a lot of work to get the right products, sourced, sized, and installed and trust me, you will want some help with the project. It is important to visualize the pieces before you buy them, so you will want a professional rendering to mix and match the space to your ideal gym.

I have a theory, let’s call it something like “Holistic Home Balance” where I think that there should be a holistic balance in someone’s home, to balance: relaxation, food and comfort with wellness and fitness because your living space should be designed to make you your best self. I think that if you break it up roughly 80/20 than that seems like a good and drastically increased percentage of integrating fitness and wellness into one’s living space. Right now your couch, bed and Netflix probably make up the lion’s share of your down time when you are not working, so why not tweak and optimize this to enable you to live a better life? So if you have a $2 million home, then you should be allocating at least $400,000 to building out a proper home fitness and wellness space. Less piano rooms and extra guest rooms and more space for active recovery and movement will do wonders for you and your families health.

Read more about Home Gym Design & Build-outs in Santa Barbara: https://lesavage.com/home-gym-design-buildout-santa-barbara or Get started with a free consultation!