Utilize The P Squared Equation for Entrepreneurial Success to help you find your balance and focused energy that lies in between your passions and purpose! Sometimes finding the right mix of passion and purpose in life can be difficult, that is why when I came across the reference for P Squared it helped me to frame all of my various emotions and entrepreneurial desires in a very simple way. I still struggle to maintain this focused energy because I have so many passions and want to contribute to everyone that I meet, but this is part of the journey, finding out what resonates in my heart and realizing that I don’t have to wait to build some large corporation just to contribute.

The P Squared Equation for Entrepreneurial Focus

For me my P2 = Living a healthy lifestyle and helping friends, family and others to start and grow their own companies.

A healthy lifestyle means having a balance between work and recreation, working as hard as I can while still remaining in shape both mentally and physically. Making time to meditate, run, bike, and hangout with friends is just as important to me than anything else and gives me the energy to continue working hard towards my purpose of being there as a startup evangelist for people who want to make positive change in the world.

Your current resources aside, it is important to use any inertia that you might have going about your concept and channel this energy with excitement so that you can be able to move with passion towards a life that leads to as few regrets as possible.

Here are 3 ventures that my friends have started recently that merge their passion with purpose, go check them out!

Blue Willow. Blue Willow is a natural luxury skincare brand offering exquisite products formulated with CO2 extracted, full-spectrum CBD oil, and infused with carefully selected botanicals and essential oils. Blue Willow was born from a desire to create high-quality, effective and clean CBD-infused topicals.

Herefor Design Studio. Herefor is a branding and packaging design studio.

The Human First Show-with Jonah Larkin. The Human First Show is about Human Vitality. It’s about what we put in our body, what we do with our body, and how we act and interact with the world at large. Join us as we discuss health, well-being, leadership and conscious business with the brightest minds of the day.

What is your passion and purpose?

If you want to talk more about your goals and how to make your business ideas a reality checkout my Jump Start Strategy Session to start focusing your energy in the right direction.

Love & Light.