I am pleased to be working with the team at EquippedFS to help build out home gyms and provide consulting solutions to companies to provide you with the complete fitness suite of products, trainers and installation know how. We design your space while partnering with facilities coordinators, architects, interior designers and contractors to fully optimize your fitness amenity into your space.

If you want to build out your home gym now is the perfect time! It takes a lot of work to get the right products, sourced, sized, and installed and trust me, you will want some help with the project.

“They helped me find the BEST gym equipment and my results with their personal training have been amazing.”

Indoor & Outdoor Gym Design

Every floor plan needs a gym.


  • CONSULTING :  We work to help determine adequate facility size, budget, lighting, flooring and site location for your space. Our team has decades of experience in creating customized, tailored gym spaces.
  • PLANNING : We strive to create a customized, tailored gym experience for our clients. Working with your development team, we look at traffic flow, clearance, guest experience, marketing, branding and equipment scope when planning your fitness amenity.
  • DESIGN : Using the latest technology, we develop custom 2 and 3 dimensional layouts of your facility incorporating all electrical, data integration, entertainment and ADA requirements. With our specialized process, we provide comprehensive, realistic renderings of your facility; bringing a strong sense of detail and accuracy to your fitness space design.
  • INSTALL : We will handle the entire installation from floor to ceiling to complete the job of making your vision a reality.
3D Render by Rogue

Visualize your new home, outdoor space, or commercial gym with 3D Renderings and Video Walk-Throughs. By removing the guess work and creating an immersive experience, we can help you create a functional space that comes to life and brings results.

Outdoor Gym Buildout in Santa Barbara, California

Since 2006, EquippedFS/Fitness 805 has worked with businesses and individuals throughout Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Montecito, spreading the benefits of living a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle. In the home, at work, or in the hotel, we create custom solutions to meet and exceed your fitness and wellness needs.

Are you starting the home development phase? If you are a Homeowner, Architect, or General Contractor and want to build out the finest home gym in California then you have come to the right place.

Home Gym Builder Santa Barbara
Get Your Home Gym Designed & Built With Andy LeSavage, An ISSA Certified Trainer & Founder of Ion Wellness & ProFIT Strength

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