I would occasionally watch his YouTube series, Shots of Awe, and then I started seeing him on my Instagram feed speaking so directly about the convergence of spirituality and psychology I found myself in a bit of awe at how he seemed to channel the universal thoughts while walking through the woods of Marin. During my time consulting at The Battery as the Director of Marketing and Communications we hosted a sold out day long conference called Sparked and this is where I was again drawn in by the attention grabbing conscious thought leader while he was on stage with Rick Doblin (the founder of MAPS) and Jamie Wheal (the author of the recent book: Catching Fire). It is great seeing people like Jason Silva so eloquently and passionately sharing spiritual ideas that are not laden with false idolatry or dogma.

Sparked Conference
Hacking Consciousness with Rick Doblin and Jamie Wheal at Sparked Conference.
Photo by Debra Zeller

Learn more at: www.thisisjasonsilva.com or by following him on Instagram @JasonlSilva

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