The infused Cannabis Dinner Experience went off without any major hitches and I am glad that 30 new friends could join us for a fun evening filled with weed and wine. Chef Ayo and her team knocked it out the park with delicious food that was infused to each persons liking. We had to find a special event platform and lucked out by finding EventHi, who not only helped us launch the event page and collect ticket sales but also was there with solid customer support and even included our event in their newsletter. Guests even flew in from Delaware to round out the ideal mix of personalities to make it an evening to remember.

We can’t thank Cape D’Or wines enough for being a part of the festivities and they very generously provided a free bottle of the latest release of the 2022 Cape D’Or Organic Chenin Blanc in each gift bag.

This chenin blanc comes from the Western Cape region of South Africa. Chenin Blanc is the most planted varietal in South Africa and also one of the first varietals to be introduced to the region by Jan van Riebeek back in the 1650’s. Cape D’ Or Chenin Blanc is grown in organically certified vineyards that are producing exceptional quality fruit. This wine displays classical chenin blanc aromatics of straw, lanolin and bruised peach, accompanied by a beautifully refined minerality. On the palate one can expect vibrant acidity and a chalky mouth feel, making this wine extremely versatile when it comes to food pairings. As there are terpenes in wine, there are also terpenes in weed and they both contain numerous health benefits, which you can read more about in my book TERPS.

FarmCart donated all of the vegetables and produce. Check them out by going by their cart in Carpinteria or ordering your farm box for direct delivery to help support local small and organic farmers.

If you would like to host your own Cannabis Dinner Experience in or around Santa Barbara County then please reach out to me.