What Cycling means to me:

Cycling means moving forward. It means so much more than just an activity or a sport but a lifestyle that entails getting out into nature, on to the streets and often involves bringing people together. Cycling has kept me alive by allowing my breath and my body to align in a way that can calm down even the most frantic of thoughts and bring my mind and body in to a sustainable cadence. Cycling is a metaphor for life, it isn’t always easy, and seldom is but if I can put in the right effort and face my fears I can find new experiences and perspectives that are well worth the journey.  

“The bicycle ranks among those gifts of science to man, by which he is enabled to supplement his own puny powers with the exhaustic forces around him. He sits in the saddle, and all nature is but a four-footed beast to do his bidding. Why should he go a foot, while he can ride a mustang of steel, who knows his rider and never needs a lasso?… The exhilaration of bicycling must be felt to be appreciated. With the wind singing in your ears, and the mind as well as body in a higher plane, there is an ecstasy of triumph over inertia, gravitation, and the other lazy ties that bind us. You are traveling! Not being traveled.” –@sfchronicle circa 1879

Cycling means moving forward.


Keep Peddlin’