Andys Work Experience

Andy increases business income, wealth and success by thinking differently. He brings experiential marketing concepts that can and will work, brand identity and positioning knowledge that is aligned with the consumers best interests, and content strategies and operational procedures that make it easier to scale. He has not been featured in USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, The Telegraph, The China Morning Post, but his clients have been.

Andys experience draws on many lessons across many different industries and they all have one thing in common, which is about making a meaningful connection. Andy has built hisĀ  career around helping companies develop and implement scale-able marketing innovations and create brands that resonate with the target market. As the first marketing employee at an Internet of Things software company that was acquired by Autodesk, he knows how to position a brand to grow quickly and efficiently in difficult markets with cutting edge technology. Andy has a successful track record of launching scalable sales and marketing strategies for innovative companies. Andys previous experience includes:

  • Inventor of prosumer photo commerce and co-founder of Shopsy, the 1st shopping from Instagram app and desktop experience with clients like Lululemon, Tieks, and LornaJane. We built a technology platform that pairs pictures with products to monetize an entirely new market of brand/prosumer pictures and this could be extremely valuable for any social media or e-commerce company such as Apple, Amazon, Pinterest, or Shopify as there is a race to own the visibility at the top of the marketing funnel and a narrowing of the time in which it takes for someone to become aware of a product or brand and the time it takes someone to purchase that product.
Shopping from Instagram Creator
  • Head of Growth for uMake, a 3D sketching iPad application that was an Editors Choice, App of the Year, and featured in the Apple App Store. We increased the App Store Rankings by 100+ places and often into the top 10 in many key categories through ASO and paid advertising. You can get an idea about some of the levers of growth that were pulled by checking out the Apple App Store Optimization Consulting page.
Startup Growth Marketing
  • Marketing Manager for Spirit Rock, a meditation center with a $8 million a year operating budget. Managed all of the marketing operations.
IoT Startup Marketing