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I was blessed to be raised in Boulder, Colorado where I regularly ran around the mountains and learned the importance of living a balanced life driven by health, wealth, and happiness. I was on the first lacrosse team to come through Boulder and am very appreciative of what the sport has given to me in the way of lifelong friends, new challenges and memorable experiences. My first job was mowing my neighbors’ lawns, so I learned the value of hard work at an early age.

I now know that possibility arises when I can be comfortable with myself and sit with my thoughts and am a firm believer in the practice of meditation. I am constantly learning about how to tell my own story and to not live vicariously through other entrepreneurs, athletes and narratives as I shape my own understanding and belief system. The lessons learned through my experiences are to find my breathe, to stay connected with nature, to run, bike and practice yoga, to voice my opinions and be willing to confidently adapt to change. To find peace, energy, wealth, love and health from within.

Realizing that I can work with people right now, to help them overcome their limiting beliefs – because I have worked hard to overcome my own, to break free of the fear mindset and to turn visions for a better world into meaningful products and brands that will help shape a happier, healthier and more consciously connected life. 

In 2012 I created The Picture Genome Project to create new solutions to track, analyze, monetize and democratize user-generated pictures and I believe that this was the forerunner to what is now known as NFT’s because at this time I proposed an ISBN number for images, which did not exist and is now possible through the useful ledger system allowed by cryptocurrency. 

I have a passion for startup sales and marketing because I believe that commerce and imagination can be used to build value for others. A self taught technologist, sales leader, product creator and website developer. I like being as close to the original idea as possible and I enjoy working alongside people who think differently and are willing to go out on a limb to try new things. I am an active lifestyle and holistic health advocate and have my personal training certification from ISSA and my nutrition certification from CPD and ISSA. 

I am constantly learning from everyone and I find that learning from these people, both past and present – resonates the most with me: Naval Ravikant. Klaus Obermeyer. George Boedecker. Yvon Chouinard. Joe Rogan. Aubrey Marcus. Jordan Peterson. Steve Blank. Seth Godin. Deion Sanders. Dave Hakkens. Derek Sivers. Grant Cardone. Robert Bly. Alan Watts. Jiddu Krishnamurti. Carl Gustav Jung. Marcus Aurelius. Joeseph Campbell. Pat Tenore. Paul Chek.

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