We are creators who are looked at differently because we question why things are. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, movers and shakers, and mom and pop shops.  Our infrastructure is built upon decades of ideas and implementation, failures and learnings.


Drawing from our clients digital data, we advise on website development, search-engine marketing and optimization and lead generation. We work with our clients to unearth new insights that directly add value to the bottom line. 


The system should be based on capability, ambition and the prompt and accurate utilization of resources. LeCompany is rewriting the traditional rules of how startups interact with consumers. The curious, the creative and the cold unknown can be culled when we work in collaboration towards new goals.

We care about building long lasting relationships with unique individuals…

who often tend to run great organizations.

Now is the time. The time that ideals and innovation take precedent over the status quo. No longer is it sufficient to operate a company without a fully integrated digital brand and respectful consumer monetization strategy. How do you differentiate and build trust that directly correlates to the bottom line? With consistent transparency and innovation we choose to work with only the rouge’s and renegades who think differently. If you want to disrupt your competition, develop your brand and increase revenues all without sacrificing user-experience then please reach out.

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